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Automotive Current Tester
Crocodile clip adaptors supplied LCD display with zero and hold function 30amps m..
Ex Tax: £53.26
Automotive Current Tester LCD Display
Current range 0-80AMP Safe and easy way to check automotive current LCD display H..
Ex Tax: £60.37
Automotive Electronic Stethoscope
Helps to identify engine and chassis noise Maintain all health and safety precautions w..
Ex Tax: £16.72
Automotive Fuse Tester 4 in 1
4 in one automotive fuse tester and remover The adjustable pins allows it to be used on..
Ex Tax: £7.29
Automotive Relay Tester
Coil test voltage 9 volts Suitable for various applications including relay coil resist..
Ex Tax: £44.45
Circuit Tester - Brass 6 - 24 Volt
Brass finished circuit tester for use on 6/12/24volt vehicles.   Spare bulbs availab..
Ex Tax: £4.34
Circuit Tester - Heavy Duty 6 - 24 Volt
Heavy duty circuit tester 6/12/24volts with 1.5m cable. ..
Ex Tax: £7.83
Circuit Tester 6 - 12 Volt
Specialist circuit tester for use on 6-12volt systems only ..
Ex Tax: £2.10
Circuit Tester For General & Hybrid Cars
This new circuit tester has been designed to include the usage on 42v used on Hybrid cars. Automa..
Ex Tax: £10.40
Compression Tester
Suitable for most petrol engines including motorcycles.   Complete with 14/18mm thre..
Ex Tax: £23.53
Compression Tester Kit 6 Piece
This compression tester kit comes complete with a large, easy to read 2 1/2" dial face with accur..
Ex Tax: £41.79
DC Voltage Tester
A 6-12 Volt DC tester complete with a 1 metre lead and crocodile clip. Checks: Caravan/..
Ex Tax: £1.80
Digital Caliper 150mm
Extra large LCD display Extra light carbon fibre Composite construction Thr..
Ex Tax: £12.21
Digital Flow Meter
This Digital Flow Meter is a micro computer which will work with oil dispensers and Laser Mobile ..
Ex Tax: £168.73
Digital Multimeter
A compact pocket sized Multimeter for measuring DC & AC voltage, DC current, resistance, diod..
Ex Tax: £7.20
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